2013 Awards

The Once-A-Month Church was awarded $1,000 grant for the  leadership program

The Streets of Gold Leadership Program holds a workshop each month at a local restaurant.  Many of our participants suffer from mental illness, substance abuse and chronic homelessness.  Our participants receive lunch, encouragement and up-to-date community resources.  They are equipped as Good News Leaders for their peers on the street.  The Streets of Gold Leadership Program has become one where the homeless are reaching the homeless in helping to decrease the suffering of poverty.

Grant Amount:  $500 for the November workshop/$500 for our December workshop.

40 people     x        $10 each               =          $400

Transportation / Bus passes and gas for van     $100

Total for November and December Workshops        $1,000

See below – the note I got from Dorothy after her meeting


 Just a note to say thanks again for you and My 10 Counts for making the Streets of Gold Leadership Program workshop possible on Wednesday, November 13th!  The Golden Corral Buffet charged more per person than I had budget for.  I called the manager that morning and asked if we didn’t have soda and only water, what would the cost be.  He asked what was the purpose of the meeting.  I had explained our workshop to another manager, but I just briefly shared with him.  He said I will let you have the drinks at no cost.  Amazing, I said thank you.
The restaurant was so kind to everyone.  We had 43 people in attendance, plus three little kids.  As I passed by one man, he was looking down into his plate, then said, “Dorothy, do you think I have went to Heaven.”  First I was shocked that he seen his food as being in Heaven, so I told him, “The Kingdom of God is inside of us and today we are experiencing more of it.”  Then there was a young lady who stood up to say thanks and said that she lost her four year old son last year and had been at home in depression ever since.  Today someone had invited her and she came.  Then she went into tears and said how much love she felt being among us and so happy that she left her home to attend!
All the people were so appreciative for being there and eating at the Golden Corral Buffet.  I didn’t ask for an offering, but three people at different times, came up to me with money tightly in their hands and gave to me.  I had a total of $8!  One more great thing happened, the manager had told me that if we come in between  1:00 and 4:00, they have a special discount which is less than the senior rate.  He looked at the clock and said, “I’m going to give you the discount today!
Thank you for helping our poor and homeless Super Stars to feel important!
Rev. Dorothy Wellington
Home of Super Stars http://www.dorothywellingtonministries.com
P. O. Box 87413, Phoenix, AZ, 85080
Tell someone today that you care: http://www.sendoutcards.com/dwellington
“Crime is constantly decreasing in our City.”
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