Our Purpose is for Nonprofits to avoid this sign! 

 My 10 Counts Inc.’s  purpose is to provide funding for existing nonprofit organizations who serve the poor, needy, underprivileged, and disadvantaged members of the Black Community.  By making funding available to these nonprofits we will increase their sustainability and broaden their influence in the community.


Our Mission is to come together

as a community

 for the community!

MY 10 Counts, Inc. is a giving circle which empowers people to come together as a community for the purpose of creating great acts of philanthropy through grant award projects. We are a giving circle whose strength lies in the number of people giving collectively instead of the size of any individual donation.


 Our Goals are quite simple       

 For each member to give $10 per month, totaling $120 each year.

To reach a membership of one million people

 To award 100 million dollars in grants each year

  To create endowments of 20 million dollars each year

To maintain this one million person membership for 10 years





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