Morning Rant

I’d like for someone to explain to me why it is so hard to get people to donate $10 to a great organization. Seriously I really don’t get it. My organization “My 10 Counts” raises money for existing org that serve the Black community by asking individuals to donate $10 per month. Very simple. Very affordable. One problem…I can’t for the life of me get people to give!!! This last month I collaborated with AZ Nat Hair Expo to raise money for an org that mentors young girls…we raised $95. Seriously $95? These girls aren’t in trouble doing bad and illegal things. You know why…because they have a mentorship program to go to!!! Most people who start a nonprofit org do so because it’s a calling, their purpose, their heart!!! But they have to take time away from that to raise money…which is really a full-time job.  A lot of these people still have full or part time jobs besides running their org & they put personal income into making sure the doors stay open.  The sacrifice is for them & their family is HUGE!!!

Ok soooo there we are 2017, Trump is proposing budget cuts that will affect the well-being of our children, with eliminating free lunches, our elderly with eliminating meals on wheels and cutting Medicaid just to name a couple…and what are we doing…watching it happen. I started  My 10 Counts in response to watching the slow emergency response from the government to Hurricane Katrina which caused the death of many of my people. That happened in 2005. I felt helpless so I wanted to make sure if any natural or economic disaster happened in the Black community I was prepared to help my own. It’s 2017, 12 years later and the writing is on the wall.  Our community will be greatly affected but the proposed budget cuts so please Black people stop waiting for someone else to solve our problems…America has NEVER solved our problems. Wake up…it’s $10 dollars. I’m an unpaid full-time caregiver for my mother with Alzheimer’s. I get a small monthly stippling from my brother to cover basic needs but I still can donate $10.  I dream of having 1 million people giving so we can fund a lot of grassroots org but my dream is fading because there is no fuel. I’ve been doing this for 5 years and we’ve given out small grants every year. My 501c3 tax exempt org can give out grant awards to existing nonprofit org that serve the Black community all over the United States so what’s the problem. Ten dollars will not interfere with your tithe money, or you gym money, or you party money or you household bill money…it’s $10!!! So explain to me why you won’t give $10 to an org that is designed to fund org that take care of our own people. I’ve tried to contain my frustration in attempting not to offend any potential donors but today I don’t care…I’m speaking for all those who put in hard work and a lot of their own personal money to help people in our community with needs. Where are you Black community? What am I missing?

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change, I am changing the things I cannot accept.” Angela Davis

Joanne Reed –

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